Manufacturer, supplier and distributor of FRP products such as Fibre Glass Moulding, FRP Industrial products, FRP Sheets, FRP Tanks, Epoxy Insulation Sheets from Bangalore
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FRP Tanks

FRP Tanks
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We manufacture and supply FRP tanks that are used for water storage, electroplating, powder coating, chemical’s storage and vessels for chemical reaction. The behavior and the properties of the tanks depend on the grade resins used for fabrication purpose.

Our high-grade resins withstand strong woods and high temperature. Reinforcement will be designed in accordance to the size & shape of tanks. Apart from all these, we also manufacture PVC/PP tanks re-enforced with FRP lining. The thickness and shape are developed catering to suit the requirements of the clients.

FRP Tanks maximum capcity - 1000 Lts

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