Manufacturer, supplier and distributor of FRP products such as Fibre Glass Moulding, FRP Industrial products, FRP Sheets, FRP Tanks, Epoxy Insulation Sheets from Bangalore
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Our Products

Balaji Fibre Glass is an expert in designing and fabricating fiberglass composite mouldings with precision, structural stability, ...more

FRP industrial products are manufactured in different designs, models and sizes. Apart from the standard sizes, any design and size FRP industrial ...more

Balaji Fibre Glass manufactures and distributes FRP sheets of high quality in the market. FRP sheets are used for various kinds of roofing solutions. ...more

We manufacture and supply FRP tanks that are used for water storage, electroplating, powder coating, chemical’s storage and vessels for chemical ...more

We deal in various types of imported epoxy insulation sheets, which are mainly used as an excellent solution for roofing systems. Epoxy insulation ...more

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